pamphlet, Diary of a Miu Miu Salesgirl (Bitter Melon Poetry 2019)

online edition available from Bitter Melon Poetry

charts a girlhood spent growing up in a changing city among glittering ice lanterns and forgotten tenement buildings. These sharp, tender poems retrace their steps through the past and present in Hong Kong and London, contending with what it means to make a new home far away from home.

MM cover

Goldfish (Chameleon Press 2013)

goldfish book cover web versFrom childhood memories, fairytales, taboos, deep-rooted faiths to translated truths, Jennifer Wong’s dream-like and surreal collection reveals the changing landscapes of Hong Kong and modern China.

An introduction: ‘Swimming in Two Seas

Available from Blackwell’s, Foyles, Kubrick (HK), Bookazine and others

6 comments on “Books

  1. Jonathan You 9R

    Thank you for coming to Island School and making us do fun activities like the second task on the would you believe it prompt.

  2. Jonathan Simon

    Dear Ms.Wong,

    Thank you for coming to Island School and coming to talk to us. I found that your explanation and description of many of the things you talked about were very good. I learnt a lot today about what inspires your writing and helps you to write. I really liked what you told us about writing and how I loved the extracts from your book.

    Jonathan Simon,
    Island School Student.

    • And I am also very impressed by your imagination and books you have read. It’s my pleasure to visit your school. Wish you all the best in your studies!

  3. Martin White

    Dear Ms. Wong,

    I’ve just read your poem ‘A metallic bit in your tongue’ — which I loved — and was wondering what ‘Boxer’s story’ referred to. I would greatly appreciate your response ^^

    Martin White

  4. Jennifer – really enjoyed the City Lit poetry today and thank you for your time and trouble. I was nervous about coming but glad I did ! (I was the one that blubbered).
    Thanks !

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