Apple Daily

Apple Daily

In general it’s considered bad taste to read Apple Daily. But every now and then, I do miss reading that graphic newspaper, full of juicy gossips and appallingly graphic crime reports.

Sometimes nicknamed ‘Fruit Daily’ among the Hong Kong community, Apple Daily has its niche. A notorious but nonetheless niche. It is said to have 1.6 million readership.

I remember when I worked in the government, a colleague told me that he is leaving the civil service to work for Apple Daily. I was taken by surprise. He put forward his views confidently and was full of enthusiasm for the newspaper. He said that despite its notorious paparazzi, the newspaper wins hands down in depicting local news. Relying heavily on graphics and being unashamed in featuring subjective reports, it makes news stories much more palatable. What came to mind immediately were those highly graphic and rather ghastly reports on manslaughter and domestic crimes, conjuring what happened in colourful, sequenced images or renderings, provoking the gothic imagination in the common reader. For a moment I was shocked by this young guy’s relish for those stories.

PR executives keep themselves abreast of the headline news on Apple Daily as they have a need to know what’s the latest talk of the town. People say that, wherever there is a crime scene, Apple Daily‘s reporters are always the first to arrive onsite.

To the Chinese people used to Apple Daily’s unsparing tabloid journalism, Daily Mail and The Sun in the UK seems to offer far less outrageous contents.

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