The English has done wonders to the conjunction ‘and’. There is hardly anything that cannot be fit together with that magic word. The starker the contrast, the more memorable and endearing.

Many lovely brand names and pub names are formed this way.

Anchor and hope

Anchor and Hope  (old gastropub fit for a king)

Elephant and Castle (a most fascinating tube station name)

Bed and breakfast, fish and chips

Pitcher and Piano, Slug and Lettuce, Cock and Bottle, Milk and Honey, Wig and Pen…  (good pubs across London)

Gavin and Stacey (tv show)

Marks and Spencer, Ben and Jerry

Born and grew up in Hong Kong, I am the author of three poetry collections including Letters Home (Nine Arches Press 2020), Goldfish (Chameleon Press 2013) and Summer Cicadas (Chameleon Press 2006), as well as a poetry pamphlet Diary of a Miu Miu Salesgirl (Bitter Melon Poetry 2019).

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  1. Great examples. 🙂

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