Poetic lines

Today I want to write a couple of poems here instead of commentary:


I wish I could listen

to the music in your head.

A world closed

in a pod. Intact. Yours.


Literature is paper

and all empty thoughts.

How it pulls my heart.


Sink your feet in the sand.

Watch how the sea run towards you,

how it runs away.


I believe in the some day

I will be understood perfectly

and all my loves will gallop.


This can be morning

or the night. Or a time that is

neither morning but night.

One thought on “Poetic lines

  1. You are the music in my head
    Your dreams asleep in my eyes
    Will the world wake me today
    To its deadly full moon cries

    Night and day I lie hidden
    My words swallowing the light
    Where can this confusion lead
    Shall we Tango my love

    Would that we could
    Be perfectly understood
    Perhaps then you would
    Come visit my heart

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