The new face for Burberry

Since Emma Watson has become the new face for Burberry Fall 2009/Spring 2010, those classic check patterned handbags have been disappearing off the shelves. Sales have gone up by 8-12% since the ad launch, and I have to admit the posters look much more appealing than run-of-the-mill fashion ads. It has to do with the unusual combination of this Harry Potter star and the British luxury label, but it has even more to do with Emma Watson’s looks which do not just complement the brand, but redefine it. Photographed by Mario Testino and directed by Burberry’s creative director Chris Bailey, the ads give special emphasis to the 19-year-old actress’s smoky eyes, well-defined eyebrows and natural hair. In other words, this set of images has more to do with defining character than beauty. The remarkable determination and haughtiness in that earthy-toned face works really well to highlight the authenticity, strength and resilient character of the brand.

The only streak of imperfection is that the co-models – Tom Guiness and Charlie France – do not look her match at all and stand there quite overshadowed by her presence.

On creating the Emma Watson look:

2 thoughts on “The new face for Burberry

  1. Love the first pic. I think the reason why her co-models don’t work is they look like boys. She’s presenting this image of a young, sophisticated woman and they look like lads you might run into at a posh bar.

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