Not Just Fashion but Fun: Alexa Chung

I like Alexa Chung.

Who wouldn’t?

She is sweet and sexy, cheerful and quirky. She is 27 years old. She is 5 foot 8. She doesn’t seem to care and she has a cool boyfriend (or seems to be). She can wear anything with her smile (showing her teeth). She is a TV presenter turned fashion icon and Hollywood star. She has Sandra Bullock’s voice. She is all confidence.

Vogue has made Alexa Chung the latest cover girl, and features her fashion diary for the whole month (article).

We love fashion that we can splash on and experiment, that won’t look too bad on us who have not (yet) had the time to get into the perfect shape. We love to be told that the same old stuff hidden in our wardrobes and that we are about to throw away — old jeans, flannel shirts, dusty ankle boots,  quirky trousers — are now the hottest fashion must-haves for the season. We love the feeling of being able to reinvent ourselves without breaking the bank. She makes us remember that we should play with our style. Fashion shouldn’t be boring.

Besides, there is something very appealing about a young Chinese woman (even if her Wiki page points out that she is British) being praised by UK and US fashion editors for her looks and taste. She is Scorpio too. You feel a sense of affinity.

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