Everyone wants to be Carey Mulligan

Dressed in a navy blue Azzaro evening gown with a sparkly crystal-studded collar, the 24-year-old actress Carey Mulligan dazzled everyone with her first Cannes appearance. Her new cropped haircut shows off her chin, and the look grows on me.

In another photo shoot promoting the premiere of Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps, she exudes an almost boyish charm in an angular shift dress, punctuated with a smart belt and Roland Mouret platform shoes. She looks more reserved than we might expect, but startlingly chic.

Now everyone wants to be Carey Mulligan. It is easy to love success. In Susan Sarandon’s interview with the actress, Mulligan concedes that she doesn’t want to be known as the face in the poster. She wants interesting parts, and to be in acting, to inhabit other lives. In An Education, what sticks in one’s mind is her haughtiness and opportunism. What escapes some is that she has been steadily working for years. This is not an overnight success stunt.

A few years back she was the face you might have noticed working behind the bar. Where was the A-levels schoolgirl shunned by the top drama schools?

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