Arts in Richmond – Part 1

28196-640x360-media_centre_tate_modern_lI have newly become member of the Arts Richmond Society. Impressed by the range of cultural activities they organise – book picnic with Colin Thurbron, the President of the Royal Literature Society, or a talk by David Attenborough, as examples – I filled in my membership form, sent it in by post, and in a week’s time I received the first newsletter and set of flyers. All for a mere £18.

I’m surprised to find is that, despite the blockbuster contents — talks, workshops, art events, arts and music performances — they are making do with very basic publicity materials, relying on the use of DIY A4 paper printing and a functional website. However I have no doubt they can attract regular goers, with those big names in their patrons list.

The area has its strong mileage and a powerful claim to culture and heritage, with a great deal of attractive event venues and places of cultural interest, including Orange Tree Theatre, Rose Theatre, Richmond Park, Kew Garden, and countless galleries… The census statistics indicate that, in addition to 10% of the residents working in managerial roles or in large corporations, the borough has over 28% professionals and managers, compared to 22% across London. Over 24% of the residents live in semi-detached houses. 33% are married couples, which is 10% more than the city’s average. The demographics are highly favourable for the appreciation and sharing of arts and culture.

I don’t live in the immediate borough, but just a fifteen minutes ride. Given the appeal of their events, I am sure I’ll find time to check out the events.

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