Anton Chekov’s short stories in audio

Recently I came across a set of audio CDs on Anton Chekov’s short stories translated by Constance Garnett. It’s a pleasure to listen to these Russian classics in the cosy home environment.

Read by Russian-born Max Bollinger – who pioneered the audio book collection and a former actor and producer – they form part of the Urban Romantics series. You can find books by Turgenev and other language learning series under Interactive Media’s imprint.

I find Chekov’s works are dark, profound and rewarding. His brevity of words reminds one of the stories by Guy de Maupassant. The fallible human condition – such as in ‘The Tragic Actor’ – is so disturbing yet strangely pitiable. The glamour of the stage and the illusion of the young lover.

The other ‘Truth, Freedom and Love’ series is also worth checking out.

Published by jenniferwong

Born and grew up in Hong Kong, I am the author of three poetry collections including Letters Home (Nine Arches Press 2020), Goldfish (Chameleon Press 2013) and Summer Cicadas (Chameleon Press 2006), as well as a poetry pamphlet Diary of a Miu Miu Salesgirl (Bitter Melon Poetry 2019).

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