Diary of a Miu Miu Salesgirl (Bitter Melon Poetry, September 2019)

MM cover

On Goldfish (Chameleon Press 2013)

goldfish book cover web vers

From childhood memories, fairytales, taboos, deep-rooted faiths to translated truths, Jennifer Wong’s dream-like and surreal collection reveals the changing landscapes of Hong Kong and modern China.

Available from Amazon, Blackwell’s, Foyles & Kubrick (HK).

An introduction to the collection: ‘Swimming in Two Seas

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  1. Jonathan You 9R says:

    Thank you for coming to Island School and making us do fun activities like the second task on the would you believe it prompt.

    1. jenniferwong says:

      So glad you have enjoyed the session! Keep writing and enjoy your learning journey 🙂

  2. Jonathan Simon says:

    Dear Ms.Wong,

    Thank you for coming to Island School and coming to talk to us. I found that your explanation and description of many of the things you talked about were very good. I learnt a lot today about what inspires your writing and helps you to write. I really liked what you told us about writing and how I loved the extracts from your book.

    Jonathan Simon,
    Island School Student.

    1. jenniferwong says:

      And I am also very impressed by your imagination and books you have read. It’s my pleasure to visit your school. Wish you all the best in your studies!

  3. Martin White says:

    Dear Ms. Wong,

    I’ve just read your poem ‘A metallic bit in your tongue’ — which I loved — and was wondering what ‘Boxer’s story’ referred to. I would greatly appreciate your response ^^

    Martin White

  4. Sam Clark says:

    Jennifer – really enjoyed the City Lit poetry today and thank you for your time and trouble. I was nervous about coming but glad I did ! (I was the one that blubbered).
    Thanks !

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