On Goldfish (2013)

“I know my home is not a country anymore, just a festering colony of the mind’ says the speaker of Jenny Wong’ poem, ‘Gift’. But the colonies of the mind are full of life, of pleasure and melancholy… a poignant, tender, free-flowing colony we move through, handled with great sharpness and delicacy.” – George Szirtes, Reader in Creative Writing, University of East Anglia and Winner of the T S Eliot Prize 2004

“Jennifer Wong records the colour and detail of the world around her with great precision and delicacy, and reinvents the commonplace as something surreal. The poems are deceptively simple, but yield rewards with each reading, like magic boxes that reveal new treasures and hidden secrets.” – Tamar Yoseloff, author of four collections including The City with Horns (Salt, 2011)

“With her tender, subtle evocations of place and relationships, her work represents a distinctive Hong Kong poetic voice we keep returning to with insight and delight.” – Prof David Parker, Research Professor, English Department and Director of Research Centre for Human Values, Chinese University of Hong Kong

“Poems written with sensitive delicacy…Jennifer knows the cosmopolitan worlds of urban Hong Kong and London as well as the solitudes of her own heart” – Tim Wells, author of Rougher Yet (Donut Press, 2009) and editor of Rising magazine


On Summer Cicadas (2006)

“Summer Cicadas is an extraordinary poetic reflection on place and displacement, on memory’s gains and its losses”– Dr Jon Mee, Margaret Candfield Fellow in English, University College, Oxford Poetry… postcards of the heart

Summer Cicadas, a collection that straddles Hong Kong and Oxford, is a refreshing, poetic journey of homelands, cultural upbringing, and personal identity. It is a moving account articulating the powers and transitions of youth and love.

Available on Amazon, Waterstones,Paddyfield and Barnes & Noble

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