Thomas Heatherwick and his super-sculptures

Thomas Heatherwick and his art intrigue me. Years ago, my boss at Swire gave me an interview clip on Heatherwick’s childhood. I find out that Heatherwick, born into a family of artists, harbours a questioning mind since he was a child. He likes to find out new ways of doing things. It’s fascinating how theContinue reading “Thomas Heatherwick and his super-sculptures”

Dutch eco-design: uncomfortable stories of the pigs and sheep

I am drawn by the work by a Dutch designer, Christien Meindertsma, who made her name with the pig book project, hinting at the residue traces of slaughtered pigs in the products made for human activities and comfort: beer, chewing gums, glue, bread softener…The pig’s yellow earplug affixed to the chic book cover is hugelyContinue reading “Dutch eco-design: uncomfortable stories of the pigs and sheep”

An art installation in Porto, Portugal

This is an experimental project in Porto, Portugal initiated in May 2010. This is a case of hope and doubt. It all depends on how you approach an issue or a question. How you consider the steel frames, the shades and the structures in the background. From a different perspective or mood, the predicament becomesContinue reading “An art installation in Porto, Portugal”