Picasso and the Mediterranean mood

Looking at the exclusive family-owned collection of his paintings, sculptures and drawings exhibited at the Gagosian Gallery this summer, it is wonderful to be reminded how irrelevant age is to one’s imagination and creativity. That flamboyant body of work was what Picasso, in his 60s, created in the Mediterranean. The colourful ceramics featured in theContinue reading “Picasso and the Mediterranean mood”

Henry Moore

With the exhibition on Henry Moore drawing to a close at Tate Britain, I went there for a browse. I had always harboured interest for the artist’s work, ever since I noticed ‘The Oval’ in Exchange Square, Hong Kong. Compared to the two isolated sculptures I saw in my home city, this exhibition at theContinue reading “Henry Moore”

Simplicity and optimism in the work of Christian Købke

The three-month exhibition at the National Gallery featuring Christian Købke’s paintings has done a great job in raising profile of this lesser-known Danish artist who died young, reviving attention towards Købke’s interpretation of characters and colours in his artwork. Anchored in the simplicity of folk life and customs, and with an invested faith in realism, Købke’s workContinue reading “Simplicity and optimism in the work of Christian Købke”

An art installation in Porto, Portugal

This is an experimental project in Porto, Portugal initiated in May 2010. This is a case of hope and doubt. It all depends on how you approach an issue or a question. How you consider the steel frames, the shades and the structures in the background. From a different perspective or mood, the predicament becomesContinue reading “An art installation in Porto, Portugal”

Staged photography of Jeff Wall

When I first saw the picture featured in The Guardian, I was struck by the spontaneity of a domestic scene: a wife walking away from her ironing to get something in the house. Her daughter or maybe sister is lounging at the sofa reading a magazine. Both are enjoying each other’s company in a weekendContinue reading “Staged photography of Jeff Wall”

London Evening Standard

I am rather happy with the tiny space in London Evening Standard has given to my comments on the Van Gogh show, which I sent ages ago: http://www.thisislondon.co.uk/arts/review-23797828-van-gogh-and-his-demons.do Dear readers, you have to scroll down the long review by Brian Sewell in order to get to my few, modest lines…

Loneliness and fame

What made Van Gogh famous? Was it his boldness with colours? His self-tutelage? His portraiture of the European rural scene and the agrarian? The myth of his madness? The current exhibition – The Real Van Gogh and His Letters – is the first major exhibition of the renowned painter’s work and his writings in LondonContinue reading “Loneliness and fame”

Anish Kapoor

In the afternoon on 11 December 2009, many queued up in the Royal Academy courtyardfor the last chance to see Anish Kapoor’s exhibition. Kapoor’s 15 metre high, Rilke-inspired steel sculpture ‘Tall Tree and the Eye’  stood in the centre, glaring and defiant, reflecting images of the onlookers and the blue sky. As ever, his exhibition has provoked much thoughtContinue reading “Anish Kapoor”