Frances Ha: to take life with a pinch of salt

Quirky, fun and philosophical, Frances Ha is a rare gem in popular cinema. The film charts the friendship and conflict between Frances and her flatmate Sophie, and highlights the life of Frances as a struggling dancer. The black-and-white cinematography creates a strange yet satisfying mood. Instead of relying on dramatic plot or the change ofContinue reading “Frances Ha: to take life with a pinch of salt”

Murakami’s birthday girl

‘The Birthday Girl’ is one of the best short stories I’ve ever read. Published initially in the Guardian in 2006, Haruki Murakami’s story tells of a girl who made a wish when she was twenty, working her shift in a restaurant. I loved it when I first read this story, and to tell the truth,Continue reading “Murakami’s birthday girl”

Notes on the film The Social Network

Adapted from Ben Mezrich’s non-fiction The Accidental Billionaires, what I really liked about The Social Network is its half cynical account of ambitious Ivy League over-achievers, the postmodern angst syndrome and the sordid post Web 2.0 social reality. Stark and fast-paced, thanks to Sorkin’s West Wing Hollywood style and mind-blowing music score, the narrative shiftsContinue reading “Notes on the film The Social Network”

Everyone wants to be Carey Mulligan

Dressed in a navy blue Azzaro evening gown with a sparkly crystal-studded collar, the 24-year-old actress Carey Mulligan dazzled everyone with her first Cannes appearance. Her new cropped haircut shows off her chin, and the look grows on me. In another photo shoot promoting the premiere of Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps, she exudes an almostContinue reading “Everyone wants to be Carey Mulligan”

Review on Kogut’s documentary Mutum: childhood in the sertao

I was invited to a film screening of Sandra Kogut’s documentary, ‘Mutum’, which brought much understanding as to how you can disregard rules in any genre and make your own footprints. Kogut, a Brazilian by birth and who has traveled widely, succeeded to adopt the novel Campo Geral. Written by Joao Guimaraes Rosa back inContinue reading “Review on Kogut’s documentary Mutum: childhood in the sertao”

The unhappy Kate Winslet and the course of true love never did run smooth

I was very upset to find out the split of Kate Winslet and her partner Sam Mendes. To me, they resemble what we all want: love life, fame, wealth and family. That personal ambition and family life can go hand in hand. Now we find out the truth, that even Kate has been unhappy inContinue reading “The unhappy Kate Winslet and the course of true love never did run smooth”