Poems and translation

Commissioned poems for eco-poetry anthology (2022)

Commissioned poems for Guerlain (September and December 2021)

Commissioned poem for Ripples of Hope Festival (September 2021)

‘Umbilical’ in Tentacular (August 2021)

‘Houhai’ for Wasafiri (March 2021) with video recording

Commissioned poem for Stanza Poetry Festival – WindowSwap digital installation (March 2021)

‘Mongkok’ for Hong Kong-Singapore Travel Bubble digital project organised by Substation and Sing Lit Station (February 2021)

‘Etiquette’ in issue 4, Stranger – Finished Creatures (November 2020)

Commissioned poem for Writing Plus & Hong Kong Literary Festival Urban Love Poem Competition (November 2020)

Commissioned poetry teaching materials for Writing Plus curated by Nicholas Wong (2020)

‘From Beckenham to Tsim Sha Tsui’ in issue 4, Harana Poetry (2020)

Translated poems by Leng Shuang in Pathlight (2020)

‘From Beckenham to Tsim Sha Tsui’ in Harana Poetry (2020)

Translated poems by Leng Shuang in Washington Square Review (2020)

‘Maria’ in Wolverhampton Literature Festival anthology (February 2020)

‘Monarch Butterfly’ in Smoke (September 2019)

‘Office in a small city’ and ‘The colour of race’ in Prairie Schooner (August 2019)

‘King of Kowloon’ and ‘@kuochuqu #historyofthebees #gardenwall #blah #sowhat’, s in World Literature Today in a special feature curated by Tammy Ho  (March 2019)

‘Chung Kiu Love Story’ and ‘The Diary of a Miu Miu Salesgirl’ in The Scores edited by Patrick Errington (May 2018)

Translated poems by Zhou Zan in Pathlight (2018)

‘All hushed on the Western Front’ in Magma Poetry, Europe issue, guest-edited by Paul Stephenson and Susannah Hart (April 2018)

‘Gift’, ‘Itinerary’ and ‘Koi’ on Poetry Foundation website

Translated poem ‘Zhongguancun’ by Zhou Zan in Modern Poetry in Translation edited by Clare Pollard (April 2018)

‘Chinese Classifiers’ in Oxford Poetry edited by Nancy Campbell, Mary Jean Chan and Theophilus Kwek, issue xvi.iii (2017)

Translated poems ‘Her’, ‘Morning Sun’ and ‘Sketch of a Cat’ in Poetry Review edited by Emily Berry, Issue 107 (2017) – poem ‘Her’ can be read online

‘Calling the Dead’ in The North, issue 59 edited by Peter and Ann Sansom (2017)

‘The Unbearably Light Words on San Huan Lu’ and ‘At the wet market’, in Stand, Issue 213 edited by Frances Weightman (Mar-May 2017) – read online

‘A Metallic Bit in Your Tongue’ in Morning Star edited by Jody Porter (14 August 2014)

‘Secrets in a Siheyuan’ and ‘Sushi Bar Amnesiac’ in Rialto edited by Michael Mackmin (June 2014)

Some poems in UCity Review (June 2014)

‘Anatomy’ in And Other Poems edited by Josephine Corcoran (13 November 2013)

‘Embroidering Chinese Pin Cushions’ in One Night Stanzas (2 October 2012)

Five poems in Peony Moon edited by Michelle McGrane (14 September 2013)

‘Glow’ in Fusion – Prairie Schooner edited by Kwame Dawes and Agnes Lam (August 2013)

‘Crackdown’ in Morning Star edited by Jody Porter (25 July 2012)

Gobbling Down Auspicious Chinese Dishes’ in Asian Literary Review (2012)

‘Reimagined Garden’ in ‘Poem of the Month’, TATE ETC (1 December 2011) – a poem on John Sargent’s painting

‘The Last Monologues’ on Eyewear literary blog by Todd Swift (4 September 2011)

Reprint on Reprint Poetry (February 2012)

‘Love’ Streetcake magazine (September 2011)

‘En Route’ in Frogmore Papers 78 (Autumn 2011)

Reprinted on Rising (2012) – this magazine is available from Tim Wells, if you are lucky

‘Amniotic’ and ‘Gift’ in UCity Review (Issue 2, June 2011)

‘The Find’ in Quarterly Literary Review Singapore (QLRS) (Vol 10, April 2011)

‘Menace’ in Orbis 154 (Winter 2010/Spring 2011)

‘Daylight Saving’ in Strong Verse (4 August 2010)

‘Canary Wharf’ and ‘Regent’s Park’ in July Poems of the Month, Manchester Lit Blog (2010)

‘Itinerary‘ in Warwick Review (March 2010)

‘Myth’ in Mascara Literary Review (Issue six, November 2009)

Cigarette Span‘, ‘Revelation’ and ‘Leap’ in Open Wide Magazine (p.29 of Issue 23, May 2010)

‘Across the River’ in New Writer (Issue 98, September/October 2009)

‘Companions‘ in CHA: An Asian Literary Journal (November 2008)

‘The Poet’ in Iota Poetry (Issue 67)

‘First Winter’ in Coffeehouse Poetry (Issue 8, 2008)

‘Ferrying Across’ in Dimsum (Issue 12)

‘From Hong Kong to England’ in Aesthetica (Issue 7)

‘A Walk in the Woods’ in Mouthspeech (Michaelmas 2000 issue)

‘Life Drawing’ in The Reader (Issue 18, Trinity 2000),  ‘Wind’ (Issue 15,

Trinity 1999) and ‘Travel’ (Issue 16, Michaelmas 1999)

– publication by Oxford University Poetry Society

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