‘Give’ by Simon Armitage

I’ve reread this poem and am startled by the building-up of suspense and surprise in it. It’s aptly entitled ‘Give’ not ‘Giving’, the verb insistent and almost pleading. Beginning with … Continue reading

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where grows creativity, in wilderness?

Food for thought at the upcoming discussion in Hong Kong Literary Festival on 11 October, 7.30pm, Dr Hari Harilela Lecture Theatre (Shaw Campus) Baptist University. Simon Armitage (author of many … Continue reading

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Cauldron by Thomas Heatherwick: catching the power of world talent

Heatherwick has once again shown what imagination is capable of. Each athlete, each matchstick of talent, shines in the dark. A meeting of world talent in the stadium. A glimpse … Continue reading

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Review: If We Could Speak Like Wolves

Published by Smith/Doorstop by Poetry Business this year, Kim Moore’s newly launched poetry pamphlet draws the reader in with hypnotic power and builds a seamless transition between truth and fable. … Continue reading

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Poem reprint of Queen’s Pier Central (from Summer Cicadas) on Apple Daily

前 AO與諾獎得主同台 港產女詩人 倫敦詠奧運 2012年04月29日 【本報訊】 200位來自世界各地的詩人,包括 95年的諾貝爾文學獎得主、愛爾蘭詩人 Seamus Heaney,將會在 6月下旬及 7月中在泰晤士河畔的倫敦文化地標「南岸中心」以詩會友,向來自英國及世界各國乘奧運之慶,遠赴倫敦的旅客朗誦自己的作品。這 200名詩人是透過公眾提名、投票及專家評分而選出,當中包括香港土生土長,用英文創作的王詠思。 記者:黎穎詩 AO女詩人 倫奧唱好香港 其他要聞港聞影片 AO女詩人 倫奧唱好香港 這個英國文化界盛會是倫敦 2012奧運會的其中一個重要文化活動,為了慶祝奧運會的來臨,及提醒世人奧運提倡的多元文化。 「我會寫一首關於香港嘅詩,可能會包括大牌檔、天星小輪、皇后碼頭,其實呢啲陪住我大嘅嘢,一直都係我創作嘅靈感,家仲同主辦單位商量緊可唔可以加入音樂。我有一個朋友、亦係香港人,家住喺倫敦,佢係作曲家,我想請佢寫一首音樂,到時可以係一個詩同鋼琴嘅表演。」主辦機構會在活動結束後,把 200位詩人為活動而寫的詩編集出版。 對於大部份香港人,王詠思是個陌生的名字,不過她在香港詩壇一直很活躍。她於 06年出版第一本詩集,這詩集得到藝術發展局資助宣傳。詩的內容包括一個人在英國生活的點滴,及香港人熟悉的場景,如小孩在皇后碼頭旁,吃着從雪糕車買回來的軟雪糕。 王詠思擁有令人羨慕的背景,在女拔萃讀中學、拿獎學金到牛津大學主修英文,畢業後成為政務官( AO)。不過,當了五年 AO後,她決定放棄薪高糧準、優越安逸的生活。「喺政府做,大家覺得派去政策局係最好嘅;我反而鍾意喺地區做嘢,我鍾意有機會接觸唔同巿民,同佢哋交流好開心。」 搬到倫敦 專注創作 放大圖片 王詠思詩集。 王曾在私人機構任職,五年前決重返校園,到英國進修寫作,之後大部份時間住在倫敦,以寫作、編輯及繙譯維生。自搬到倫敦後,王有超過 20多首詩作在不同文學期刊刊登。她正在籌備第二本詩集,這本詩集很可能在倫敦發佈。 … Continue reading

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Vikram Seth’s Three Chinese Poets

I’ve been reading Vikram Seth’s Three Chinese Poets (1992) by HarperPerennial, which includes poems by Li Bai, Du Fu and Wang Wei. His translation of these Tang verse is superior … Continue reading

February 22, 2012 · 4 Comments

Peppering independent bookshops with arts leaflets

I’ve been helping to put together and distribute poetry contest leaflets for Magma – a nation-wide contest opening this month (16 October). Having dished out a considerable batch to the … Continue reading

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Anton Chekov’s short stories in audio

Recently I came across a set of audio CDs on Anton Chekov’s short stories translated by Constance Garnett. It’s a pleasure to listen to these Russian classics in the cosy … Continue reading

October 1, 2011 · 1 Comment

power of making at V and A: craftsmanship and imagination

V&A’s latest show The Power of Making is a thoughtful showcase of modern craftsmanship and its relationship with imagination. While the theme is nothing new, I’m struck by the choice … Continue reading

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Thoughts after Michael Marks Poetry Pamphlets Awards

After the Michael Marks Poetry Pamphlets awards and poetry reading event, I am now in possession of three award-winning pamphlets by James McGonigal, Olive Broderick and Sophie Robinson. These very … Continue reading

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