Cafe Writers reading with George Szirtes, Norwich (July 2020)

Panel & reading session with Maya Caspari and Amali Rodrigo at Shared English Futures Conference, Manchester/Salford (26 June 2020) – postponed/cancelled due to Covid

Nine Arches poets reading with Abegail Morley, Sarala Estruch and Lisa Kiew at Chener Books Dulwich (6 May 2020) – – postponed due to Covid

Hong Kong reading for Asian Cha (changed to online) (8 April 2020)

‘Multilingual London Literary Festival’ reading and translation workshop at Museum of London Docklands (25 April 2020) – postponed due to Covid

Blackwell’s Oxford marquee moments reading (3 April 2020)– – – postponed due to Covid

Crossing Boundaries: a reading by poets of East Asian heritage at National Poetry Library, London (1 April 2020) – – postponed due to Covid

Nine Arches book launch reading with guest readers Mary Jean Chan and Nina Mingya Powles, Poetry Cafe (9 March 2020, SOLD OUT)

Oxford University Poetry Society reading ‘Feminism & Fizz’ with Laura Scott at Oxford (27 February 2020)

Bitter Melon book launch reading with Jay Ying, Natalie Bolderston, Pema Monaghan and (September 2019)

Reading with Mary Jean Chan and Sarah Howe, and panel discussion with Professor Dorothy Wang at Poetry Cafe, London (12 June 2019)

Poets in the Library reading at Westminster Reference Library (5 June 2019)

Cha Poetry reading with Agnes Lam, Akinsola Jeje and Tammy Ho at Dymocks Exchange Square Hong Kong (23 April 2019)

Reading at Blindspot Gallery Hong Kong with Louise Law and Tang Hiu Wah  (16 April 2019)

Wretched Strangers anthology launch at Waterstones Oxford (29 November 2018)

Bi-an launch event and writing workshop in Leeds Library (29 April 2018)

Feast on poetry writing workshop at China Exchange as part of the China in Context project sponsored by HKETO London (March 2018)

Reading at Betsey Trotwood with Alvin Pang, Jacob Sam-la Rose and Theophilus Kwek, hosted by Tim Wells  (31 May 2017)

Reading with Gale Burns, Dino Mahoney and Theophilus Kwek at Albion Beatnik, Oxford (2 May 2017)

Reading at Goodenough College with Hannah Lowe and Sarah Howe, convened by Mary Jean Chan (January 2017)

Reading at ‘Poetics of Home’ symposium, Institute of English Studies (7 March 2017) – co-organised with Claire Cox and Mary Jean Chan

Reading at SOAS on the experience of elsewhere, co-organised by SCI and Department of Languages and Cultures of China and Inner Asia (10 November 2015)

Reading at University Camarade organised by Steven Fowler, Rich Mix, London. (25 February 2017)

Reading at Blue Mountain Cafe for Sydenham Arts Festival, London (14 March 2015) Poem click here

Presentation of paper on otherness in contemporary women’s poetry, New Generation to Next Generation Poetry Conference, Institute of English Studies, School of Advanced Studies (13 March 2015)

China-British Youth Association-SOAS lecture series, School of Oriental and Asian Studies (SOAS) Lecture Room 116 (17 February 2015)

Rising magazine launch, The Crypt of 30 Prescott St, London E1 8BB (30 January 2015)

Kingston University Writing School poetry reading series, 5-6pm. Location: Room JG0003, John Galsworthy building, Penrhyn Road campus, Penrhyn Road, Kingston upon Thames, Surrey KT1 2EE (21 January 2015)

Reading Poetry Festival, University of Reading, with Hannah Lowe, author of Ormonde (Hercules Editions 2014) and Next Generation Poet (8 November 2014)

Rising magazine launch, The Crypt of 30 Prescott St, London E1 8BB (30 August 2014)

Blackwell’s Oxford, with Amira Thoron, Clare Trevien and Susie Campbell (16 July 2014)

Cafe Writers in Norwich, with Philip Langeskov (14 July 2014)

Reading with Ming Di, Jiang Tao, Astrid Alben and Richard Burns convened by Dr Cosima Bruno, China Institute, Room 116, SOAS (17 June 2014)

Chinese Poets Evening at Poetry Cafe, with Ming Di and Jiang Tao (18 June 2014, 6pm)

Rialto launch, Crown Tavern, London (5 June 2014)

Coffeehouse Poetry Series at Troubadour in London (26 May 2014)

DIY Cultures 2014, Rich Mix, London (25 May 2014)

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