Notes on the film The Social Network

Adapted from Ben Mezrich’s non-fiction The Accidental Billionaires, what I really liked about The Social Network is its half cynical account of ambitious Ivy League over-achievers, the postmodern angst syndrome and the sordid post Web 2.0 social reality. Stark and fast-paced, thanks to Sorkin’s West Wing Hollywood style and mind-blowing music score, the narrative shiftsContinue reading “Notes on the film The Social Network”

Musings on mind boggling social media

Today a friend of mine told me that not replying an email from a boss within three minutes is considered under-performance in her industry. This is probably more acceptable since she is in banking. No wait, I don’t think so. The world is changing too fast, and users are adapting to the digital world orContinue reading “Musings on mind boggling social media”

The Chinese internet I

There has been a surge in stories of late about the Internet search in China, sparked by Google’s call to move their search engine to Hong Kong. The Guardian has published an article on March 24 (see article), saying that companies in China sometimes get called up to remove online contents or have their websitesContinue reading “The Chinese internet I”