Yohji Yamamoto

I went to see Yohji Yamamoto‘s current show at the V&A, his first UK solo exhibition. There in a room of white light, you see the sheer simplicity of clean lines and shades of red, black and white, whispering fashion. It isn’t the size that undermines the exhibition but rather the want of a compelling narrative.Continue reading “Yohji Yamamoto”

Casual fashion: cheerful and carefree bag

My fashion statement: I like cheerful, casual fashion. I think fashion should be a way of making us like ourselves better, and true to our character. I think bags are dear to women. We need them. I have made a carefree and cheerful bag this Spring. It celebrates the free-willed child and the longing forContinue reading “Casual fashion: cheerful and carefree bag”

The new face for Burberry

Since Emma Watson has become the new face for Burberry Fall 2009/Spring 2010, those classic check patterned handbags have been disappearing off the shelves. Sales have gone up by 8-12% since the ad launch, and I have to admit the posters look much more appealing than run-of-the-mill fashion ads. It has to do with theContinue reading “The new face for Burberry”