Hong Kong TV programmes

I can’t believe it, I cannot imagine that one day I’d miss Hong Kong’s…TV programmes.

There’s something endearing about those Hong Kong TV programmes targeting homebuyers: introducing new property sales launches and the features of each property; the in-depth analysis or feng-shui of a home; tips and advices on how to buy a property or furnish a property; very comprehensive comparisons of housing prices and so on. With a less vigorous or less volatile primary property market in the UK, there’s probably much less demand for such TV features here. On a social level, I think it also reflects how important homebuying decisions are for Hong Kong people, and their extensive research process prior to investing their lifelong savings into a property (an apartment can easily cost millions of Hong Kong dollars). On the other hand, property-related programmes in the UK tend to focus more on how to decorate and do up your home, tend to your garden or entertain guests at your home.

Master So

I also missed those fengshui class TV programmes that are so popular in Hong Kong. You see the keen TV audience and fengshui class participants divided into teams. They are tested on their knowledge about fengshui or Chinese palmistry or fortune-telling, and get the first-hand opportunity to ask the fortune-telling veteran/celebrity questions about their fates: what jobs should they go for or whether they should move house, something like that. The celebrity fortune-teller would offer tips how to tell a person’s character from his/her facial features, palm lines, birthdays, horoscopes etc. Sometimes pop singers, socialites or TV actors are invited for the fortune-telling session. To foreigners this must be a very alien catergory of TV programmes. My mom used to watch these programmes from time to time. I don’t think many take these superstitions very seriously, but it’s fun and engaging: as with most things, people get very interested because it has a practical application in daily life and the information is offered in an entertaining way. To me, these are comparable to the popularity of celebrity chef programmes in England.