Murakami’s birthday girl

‘The Birthday Girl’ is one of the best short stories I’ve ever read. Published initially in the Guardian in 2006, Haruki Murakami’s story tells of a girl who made a wish when she was twenty, working her shift in a restaurant. I loved it when I first read this story, and to tell the truth,Continue reading “Murakami’s birthday girl”

Notes on the Turner Prize

When I work on projects with the Tate magazine and the film division on some days, I found myself popping in to see the Turner Prize exhibition again and again. It’s definitely a draw, and I like the art show because of the challenges these artworks present. The film work by the Otolith Group andContinue reading “Notes on the Turner Prize”

Musings on mind boggling social media

Today a friend of mine told me that not replying an email from a boss within three minutes is considered under-performance in her industry. This is probably more acceptable since she is in banking. No wait, I don’t think so. The world is changing too fast, and users are adapting to the digital world orContinue reading “Musings on mind boggling social media”

Picasso and the Mediterranean mood

Looking at the exclusive family-owned collection of his paintings, sculptures and drawings exhibited at the Gagosian Gallery this summer, it is wonderful to be reminded how irrelevant age is to one’s imagination and creativity. That flamboyant body of work was what Picasso, in his 60s, created in the Mediterranean. The colourful ceramics featured in theContinue reading “Picasso and the Mediterranean mood”

The Guardian and me

I am having fun with my Guardian style book, which is a precious gift from someone. A few of the entries are particularly inspiring, in some cases amusing ideologies. Oxford comma A comma before the final “and” in lists: straightforward ones (he had ham, eggs and chips) do not need one, but sometimes it canContinue reading “The Guardian and me”

The Chinese internet I

There has been a surge in stories of late about the Internet search in China, sparked by Google’s call to move their search engine to Hong Kong. The Guardian has published an article on March 24 (see article), saying that companies in China sometimes get called up to remove online contents or have their websitesContinue reading “The Chinese internet I”