Xiaolu Guo’s UFO in Her Eyes

I have enjoyed Xiaolu Guo’s storytelling style: crisp, bold, full of humour. The disjointed narrative and peasants-speak in UFO in Her Eyes serve a purpose. A record of a series of investigation reports centering on the appearance of a UFO above Silver Hill Village’s sky, Guo highlights the disinterested attitude of some individuals towards the UFOContinue reading “Xiaolu Guo’s UFO in Her Eyes”

Library and bookstore categories

When I went to Waterstones the other day, I stared at the twin categories Crime, vs. True Crime. Placed side by side, they hold an interesting dialogue with each other: do crime story authors, detectives and investigation officers like to read true crime for inspiration? There is also another intriguing and sad category called Painful Lives.  This category occupies aContinue reading “Library and bookstore categories”