Coffee break reading

I was rereading my automatic writing the other day and quite enjoyed it. Just a snippet to share here:

Nothing kills boredom this spectacular air conditioned smart suit finger drumming existence everyone waiting for a holiday amusing to have even a useless chat with colleagues and to spend some time alone in front of a photocopy machine knowing this is not just all in your head it is in everybodys everybodys just they are mum about it mum and dad don’t like that don’t you ever say you are bored it is a discipline life is a discipline a pattern a rigorous training a practice makes perfect but how can you ever sustain? No one can tell you that and you cannot blame them they have families they have what we call burdens they have promotions to care for and if you stay put long enough and pleasant and helpful to everyone you get to win the promotion like a lottery so you take another fair-trade caffeine dose and make the best of your situation and think of family of love of honour and possibly an apartment somewhere in the distance you scrabble for words you spell like the others you achieve and excel and manipulate your own thinking you are getting perfect you are making the world your oyster and the world smiles at your success approves of it yes approve and you think of mom and dad that is it you sail the world you watch a film all cowboys and rebels and machine guns and flashy cars and merry nights women with long legs you don’t have any of it you are surprised that you need something to relive you live in your measured ways you meet your partner after work they call everyone partners nowadays no love anymore no lover no boyfriend no girlfriend all obliterated all are social and virtual pals whom you don’t meet you chat you message you text you don’t like to see them in real life because you don’t like travelling by tube so smelly the sofa seats you wonder when they are last washed and so it’s just the screen you’re with day in day out the sun doesn’t get into the laptop you interact with yourself all that joy all that solitary entertainment and they sell computers like mad or ipad and ithis ithat you can choose laptop netbook webcam broadband anything can mobile anything can surf anything can skype anything just blog blog about it blog until you belch and regurgitate other people’s words copying is not a sin there is no plaigiarism anymore there’s nothing unhealthy about staying up for the night at all and you need is a dongle that sounds like a dolphin to me a swimming dophin but the London zoo tonight is already closed no one sees any animals no one pays for that kind of entertainment they pay for apps the little cute candy icons and you stare out of the office window looking at what you are doing from Monday to Friday and maybe some weekends as well all that talk about work life balance life work balance they give you a blackberry and call that a holiday and call it power and you cannot kill this shiny animal that beeps and beeps in your car in your shower in your kitchen when you talk to your partner no he is not my business partner just my partner oh this life this fantastic multimedia virtual game where everyone lives far away from everyone else and this is called space this is called privacy this is called seamless connectivity and we like the way we communicate or not communicate I remember with some fondness the way we used to go to the grad bar and shoot darts the musty smell the wet coasters used and reused and we reycle other poets world and dream of getting published and in the evenings we like to go out sometimes we print out all the dining vouchers and go for the high street the big chains the glossy stuff you can buy from the stores the sale is always on the sale that they mark up prices and mark them down and everyone wears the same copied from the same London fashion week which is all very exciting all that glitzy buzz skinny underdressed women doing stiletto walks on the platform blinded by camera flashes and if you are lucky enough you get to work for free where they call it an intern you call it free work and to pour coffee for everyone and to dress well and to smile and if you are lucky you get to stay like the sugary apprenticeship you can choose to work in fashion business which must be fun all those nice perks and handbags and this season must haves so you can even skip sleeping all the parties and gigs and cosmetics so different from the same old office where even gossips are the same and the secretaries the drab clothes the stale smell of papers and useless power points talk talk talk about teamwork oh rebranding oh streamlining and downsizing everything minus the profits and empowering about raising sales targets all that self-raising flour happening and then the next morning there is the sad news you read about Alexander mcqueen

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